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Enkhuizen, situated on the IJsselmeer is recognized as one of the most picturesque towns in The Netherlands. Due to it's favourable situation on the sea, it grew quickly becoming an ideal place for fishing and trade.
In 1356 Enkhuizen received official decoration. This had many consequences. An own local council was allowed giving the power to participate in court cases. A townwall was constructed and yearly market was held. You can still visiting the citywall and the market.

Nowadays the atmosphere of history remains and is a dominating factor when visiting the town. Two 15th century churches can be entered and viewed leisurely. The Drommedaris- a castle shaped tower- built as a protection against invading enemies, offers plays and concerts within its history soaked walls. The town is crisscrossed by numerous old canals with fantastic bridges and authentic old houses. Three harbours house the oldest fishing boats to the most modern yachts. These vessels can be viewed at leisure from the many benches and sitting areas available. Terraces even project over the harbours offering admirable sea views. Watching the world of sea going ships supplies hours of relaxation. Enkhuizen is the icing on the cake for water recreation and all its activities. Swimming or sunbathing on the sandy beach. Boat rentals for private use. Hiring a skipper with his boat . Boat trips to the neighbouring towns of Stavoren, Urk, Hoorn and Medemblik.

Many museums are to be found in Enkhuizen. First and foremost is the Zuider Zee Museum. This is considered as one of the most impressive open air museums in Europe. It does not hold this reputation for nothing. More than 130 houses and workshops had been transported from villages along the Zuiderzee to Enkhuizen. It depicts life as it was lived centuries ago. Actors and actresses perform the tasks of the original inhabitants of these places. Authentic costumes and the speech of that time are used. This is an experience that will carry you back in history.

Children can visit Sprookjeswonderland. This is a large fairy tale forest with a grand playground, animals, puppet theatre, and a huge picnic area. There is an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor water recreation area, a play ground and many more attractions. The town is swarming with pubs, cafes, restaurants and terraces to fit everyone’s budget. From silver and crystal to snackbars. Music fills the air as street performers and weekly markets are held outdoors. The atmosphere of vacation goes hand in hand with history!

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